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About us

Fabian Ltd. - land surveying office was founded in 2004, as a follower of existing trade registration operating from 1991. Our founder, Ing. Anton Fábian had a long practice in investment development (civil engineering), where he had been working since 1975 as a land surveyor.


The main area of our interest is geodetical practice in fields of investment development (civil engineering) and real estate register (cadastral surveying). We specialize mainly on  geodesy in civil engineering, preparation and realization of engineering utilities,networks, development of polyfunctional buildings, bridges, highways and other constructions.


Based on succesful selection process "GEODETNET 2002", for company Slovak Telekom a.s.(T-COM group member), we perform all surveying and cartographic works associated with development of remote data and local data cables, along with development of access networks FTTx.


Since 2007, we were cooperating on development of more than 10 polyfunctional buildings in surroundings of Banská Bystrica. We also cooperated on development on tents of kilometres of engineering networks.


In order to provide high standard services for our customers we consistently develop our instrument alignment.